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Alumni Association Awards

2014 Alumni Association Award winner

Each year the Alumni Association recognizes the achievements and contributions of successful UOIT alumni with three special awards.

The Achievement Award recognizes an individual who continues to demonstrate the university's values. This includes integrity, respect, quality and the pursuit of innovation while accomplishing a goal that is either career or education related.

The Up and Coming Award honours a graduate who has demonstrated leadership, innovation, and accomplishment specific to their field of study early in their career and within five years of graduation.

The Philanthropic Award pays tribute to an individual who is working to make a difference in the community through their generosity, dedication and commitment

Key Dates:



March 27

Nominations open for submissions.

May 29

Nomination period closes at 10 a.m.

June 5 to June 18

Awards sub-committee to review the candidates.

July 4

Council approves Alumni Award candidates based on the sub-committee's recommendations. 

October 14

Awards presented at the Alumni Association 2017 Annual General Meeting.


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