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Christa Andrews

Christa Andrews

Class of 2009 | Faculty of Business and Information Technology 

From day one, Christa knew that UOIT would always be a place she would hold close to her.

During her undergraduate studies, she was very involved in activities on campus. Christa participated in varsity basketball and was a part of many organizations including S.H.A.R.E, Street Fleet, Board of Directors for the Student Association, Team Orange Crush Orientation Leader, Team Orange Crush Faculty Captain, Intercollegiate Athlete Academic Success Program, and UOIT Information Technology Operations Committee.

During her last year, Christa served as Vice-President for the university on the Student Association and received the 2009 Leadership Award upon graduation.

Being part of 'something' has always been important to Christa. She wants to give back to the university community, help connect alumni and assist in the development and growth of the alumni network. 

Christa is currently the Program Assistant for the Management Development Centre, part of the Faculty of Business and Information Technology. She loves her career in professional training and development and being a part of the UOIT team.

“Helping fellow alumni see how the university wants stay connected and the benefit to us all is very important to me,” said Christa. “I am so excited to be part of the Alumni Association Council to be a voice for alumni and bring all of us together, regardless of our graduation year or faculty.”

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