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Nomination procedures

Who may submit a nomination?

Anyone may submit a nomination, but only UOIT alumni are eligible to receive awards. Members of the Alumni Association Council are not eligible to receive awards.

How many nominations are required in order for someone to be eligible for an award?

For an individual to be eligible for an award, only one nomination needs to be submitted.

What is the deadline for nominations?

The 2015 Nomination period has closed. Congratulations to our winner Lorenzo Escobal. Check back in April 2016 for next year’s nomination period.

What information must be included in the nomination form?

  • A minimum of one and a maximum of two letters of recommendation that support accomplishments, promotions and/or awards
  • A brief biography of the nominee (a CV  or resume containing the nominee’s background and experience is suitable)
  • An explanation regarding why the nominee should receive the award
  • Contact information for the nominee

The Awards Committee may request additional supporting information.

How to submit a nomination form?

Completed nomination forms are submitted right online and will be sent to the Alumni office. 

How are nominees notified?

The Alumni Association Council will contact all nominees and inform them of their nomination.

All award nominees will receive a release form, indicating their agreement to be nominated under specified conditions (attend the award presentation ceremony, speak at Alumni Adventures: Tales from the Other Side, and allow information in their nomination package to be used for publicity and promotional purposes). Nominees are required to sign and return this release form.

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