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Crisis Centre

Registration process


  1. Mandatory training: Please complete the four online training modules. If you wish, you may save your progress and complete the training in stages.
  2. Access the Alumni Directory: After you complete the training, you will receive an email from the Alumni office (within three business days), with the subject UOIT StAMP - Alumni Directory access. A password to access the Mentorship Module in the Alumni Directory will be provided.
    • If you don't have access to the Alumni Directory yet, please request access.
  3. Alumni Directory/Mentorship Module
    • Become a mentor: Create or edit your mentor profile; wait for a contact request from a mentee.
    • Become a mentee: Search for a mentor and send a contact request.
  4. Confirmation email
    • Mentor receives an email mentoring request from a potential mentee.
    • Mentee receives an email response from a potential mentor accepting or declining the request.
  5. Mentorship relationship
    • If a mentor accepts a mentoring request, mentee contacts mentor directly via email to initiate the relationship. Note: Make sure to copy in the email.
    • If a mentor declines, the mentee may select another mentor.
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